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Honeywell HH480 2D Barcode scanner   


2D image barcode scanner

Product characteristics

HH480 is a low - and mid-end 2d image scanner, low cost, outstanding performance, not only in line with

Ergonomic design, and more preferential practical, can meet the application needs of a variety of occasions.if

You are looking for a high quality, low cost 2d image scanner, HH480 will be your most

Good choice.

Two-dimensional bar codes are popular in many industry applications, such as QR codes on high-speed rail tickets

With, all kinds of member qr code management, and the current increasingly popular mobile phone screen mobile payment

The code reading application, etc., have greatly inspired the popularity of two-dimensional code.The HH480 launch provides one

Set of cost-effective can read the traditional paper bar code, but also can read other media, such as mobile phone screen

Bar code cost-effective scanning solutions.

HH480 2d image scanner offers an affordable upgrade for these companies

Selection, not only can accurately and quickly read a variety of one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar code, and support the screen

Quick bar code reading for the current popular electronic coupons and tickets for direct reading

An effective data acquisition tool.HH480 USES internationally advanced engine technology and scanning

Decoding technology, can be widely used in many occasions, civil aviation, high-speed rail, banking and securities, electricity

Subticketing and other industry applications of the best choice.

First-class reliability design: no moving element device, with damping function appearance

Design in the same way as ensuring lasting work reduce additional maintenance costs.

Physical/electrical parameters

Size: (length × width × height) : 72.5mm×125mm×154mm

Weight: 125.6 g

Input voltage: 5 ± 0.5VDC

Operating power: 2.0w, 400mA (typical value) @5vdc

Standby power: 0.55w, 110mA (typical value) @5vdc

System interface: USB, RS232

Environmental parameters

Operating temperature: 0°C ~ 50°C

Storage temperature: -40 °C ~ 70°C

Humidity: 0% ~ 95%

Strength of fall: can withstand the impact of falling from 1 meter to the concrete floor

Illumination: 0~70, 000LUX

Scanning performance

Light source: white LED

Sight: red LED, 617nm

Indicator light: blue flashing = decoded successfully

Scan type: image type

Recognisable print contrast: a minimum of 35% contrast

Angle of Angle, elevation, declination: ±180°, ±60°, ±70°

Minimum identification accuracy: 4mil

Decoding ability: read standard one dimensional bar code, two dimensional bar code, especially on the screen

Bar code has strong decoding ability




Bar code density          Near          Far

5 mil Code 39         45mm      100mm
100% UPC/EAN      40mm      250mm
20 mil Code 39       45mm      350mm
20 mil QR Code      35mm      200mm

Minimum identification  accuracy :   4mil

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