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Fully automatic operation
Use replaceable cables for PowerLink users
Fixed on the wall or check counter
Customize the depth-of-field according to different circumstance
Edit the barcode data to meet the requirements of the users
Multiple beeper tones


The depth of the Scan Field: 0 mm - 203 mm (0" - 8") for 0.33mm(13mil) barcode
Width of Field: 60 mm (2.4") @ face,5mm (4.1") @ 216 mm (8.5")
Scan Speed: 1,200scan line per second
Scan mode: Omnidirectional scan from 5 sides, with 4 parallel scan lines from each side
minimum bar width: 0.132m (5.2mil)
size: 150 mm (5.9") H x 105 mm (4.1") D x Orb
Width: 80 mm (3.1") Base Width:102 mm (4.0") W
System interface: PC Keyboard Wedge, RS232,OCIA, Analogy light pen, IBM 468X/469X, independent keyboard wedge,USB
Lamp- house: Visible Laser Diode 675nm± 5nm
Weight: 380g(13.4 oz)
Shock resistance: Bear the shock from the height 1.2m (4.0’)
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