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A780 Series


An ideal barcode scanning solution for enterprise applications



Blending with Cino’s exclusive FuzzyScan imaging technology, the durable yet elegant design and versatile features, FuzzyScan A780 series rises above conventional imagers by delivering superb scanning performance on reading most linear and 2D barcodes on paper, plastic card, as well as Smartphone display. It provides an ultimate solution for enterprise applications requiring reliable and high throughput barcode scanning, such as retail, logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and healthcare, empowering you to streamline business process while resulting in a rapid return on investment.


Read most challenging and problematic barcodes

Superior first-time read

Omnidirectional snappy scanning

Read barcodes shown on Smartphone display

Complete lineup fulfills all scanning needs

Definite audio and visual user feedbacks

Optional vibrator for tactile confirmation of good read

Durable construction withstands 2.0-meter drops

Support 2D configuration barcode for easy field setup

DataWizard Premium for complicated data formatting

Antimicrobial model available for healthcare applications



Scan All Your Needs


Capture Every Barcode First Time

Combined with powerful architecture, advanced optics design, and Cino’s exclusive imaging technology, the A780 is purpose built to fulfill all enterprise barcode scanning needs. It is capable of capturing most challenging and problematic barcodes instantly, including dense, poor quality, distorted, dirty, damaged, or overwrapped barcodes, as well as electronic barcode on a dimly lit display.

Exclusive Imaging Technology

The latest Cino FuzzyScan imaging technology adopts Machine Learning Algorithm along with the endeavoring breakthroughs of core innovation, refreshing barcode scanning performance and snappiness. Powered by FuzzyScan imaging technology, the A780 delivers unrivaled reading performance among competitions.

Diverse Data Capture Choice

The Standard-range model fulfills most reading needs of high-density and general barcodes with preferable range, well suiting a wide range of applications that normally would take different types of scanners to do so. To read very high-density and tiny 2D barcodes on electronics manufacturing, jewelry tags, or medical equipment, the High-density model is ready for your choice. If general barcode in farther distance needs to be captured, such as barcodes on large or bulky items on a cart, or on a high warehouse shelf, the Extended-range model satisfies these applications.

Easy to Use


Scan and Go Simplicity

With the omnidirectional scanning capability, there is no need to align with the barcode. Users of all skill levels can start right away with little to no training. This true point-and-shoot simplicity delivers maximum user comfort while increasing the scanning speed.

Clear Aiming Provides Most Intuitive Scanning

The sharp "Round Spot" LED aimer helps to point at barcodes more accurately and quickly. And the super bright red illumination not only enables the snappy barcode capture even in low ambient lighting conditions, but also prevents eye fatigue and improves the environmental comfort.

Audio and Visual Feedback Improves User Experience

The A780 is equipped with a programmable beeper which provides loud and definite beeps, giving user the positive audio feedback. The multi-color indicators flash to indicate diverse status of the scanner, providing user a clear visual feedback.

Silent Signaling for Quiet and Noisy Environments

An optional Vibrator provides tactile confirmation of successful read. It’s ideal for quiet environment like hospital and library. Especially for healthcare application, the vibration will notify the caregiver that a barcode is captured properly without disturbing patients. It’s also useful for noisy workplace where beeps are hard to be heard like manufacturing plants.

Increase productivity with SmartStand

For some applications, the worker needs to spare both his hands for work. He can place the A780 onto Cino SmartStand for hand-free scanning. By working with Cino SmartStand, A780 is able to switch between hand-free scanning and handheld scanning automatically, maximizing worker’s efficiency and productivity.

Maximum Value


Easy Configuration and Management Delivers Great Usability

The FuzzyScan PowerTool is an intuitive software tool that can be easily run by first-time user for configuring and managing your scanner. More than that, you can use PowerTool to generate the desired configuration barcode for quickly setting your scanners with a single scan on the field. This maximizes user’s productivity, especially for those applications requiring mixed operations.

Unique DataWizard Premium Brings More Value

Our unique DataWizard Premium is able to handle very complicated data formatting job via the script programming. By working together with your host application, the DataWizard Premium also offers a cost-free security mechanism to protect your business investment.

Built for Maximum Reliability

With durable over-mold construction and no moving parts design, the A780 survives multiple 2.0-meter drops to concrete. The built-in durability enables A780 to handle the bumps and spills associated with all day. This ensures your long-term investment and minimum downtimes.







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