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A770 Series


An outstanding Area Imaging scanner for barcode capture applications



Thanks to the innovative FuzzyScan 3.0 Imaging Technology, the FuzzyScan A770 can read most widely-used linear and 2D bar codes on paper and LCD display. Durable over-mold design, outstanding reading performance and versatile features sets offer business exceptional value with increased employee productivity and streamlined business processes. The A770 provides an ideal solution for retail, logistics, healthcare and industrial applications.


Read most popular 1D, 2D bar codes and postal codes

Snappy reading and superior first-time read

The ability to read bar codes on paper and LCD display

Omni-directional scanning

Superior readability on most of real world barcodes

High-density and standard range models are available for various data capture needs

High density model can read 2.7-mil high-density barcodes

Standard range model is ideal for general purpose applications

Digital image capture capability

Support multi-barcode capture with a single triggering

Automatically switch between presentation scanning and hand-held scanning while working with Cino SmartStand

Durable over-mold design with 2.0-meter drop resistance

Antimicrobial model is available for healthcare applications

Optional vibrator is ideal for noisy and quiet environments


Outstanding readability

The A770 supports most popularly-used linear, 2D bar codes and postal codes. It also supports digital image capture function, enabling you to scan barcodes and capture images with a single device. Especially the mobile commerce application is emerging and becoming increasingly popular. The A770 can read paper-based and electronic bar codes. The A770 not only can fulfill versatile data capture requirements, but also lower the total cost of ownership.


Superior reading performance

High density and standard range models are designed to meet the needs of various barcode scanning applications. The high density model is ideal for applications wherein high density bar codes are commonly used. The standard range model is suitable for general purpose applications. It can also perform exceptional reading performance on barcode printed on reflective material, and on curved surface. A770 presents superior adaption of most real world barcodes, such as poorly printed, distorted and damaged barcodes.


Omni-directional scanning capability

The A770 presents superior omni-directional scanning of both 1D and 2D bar codes. Users can read barcode in any orientation without having to align the bar code or pause between scans. This scanning capability improves the first-time read while resulting in faster and more accurately scanning applications.



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