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Zebra DS9908 Hands-free barcode scanner  


The DS9900 Series provides everything you need to keep your checkout lanes flowing. Associates can quickly scan items of all sizes and read barcodes in nearly any condition. The one-of-a-kind hybrid design delivers top performance for both handheld and hands-free scanning to bring a new level of ease and productivity to the Point of Sale

One-of-a-kind hybrid design: two scanners in one
The DS9900 Series has been built from the ground up for both handheld and hands-free scanning. In hands-free mode, you get one of the industry’s best first-pass read rates — up to 240 in./610 cm per second. With the widest field of view in its class, the DS9900 Series requires less precision when positioning items in front of the scan window — so associates can focus more on the customer. Switching between handheld and hands-free modes is seamless: simply pick up or put down the scanner. The scan range automatically adjusts to each mode: it’s limited in presentation mode to prevent the inadvertent scanning of nearby items and extended in handheld mode to reach items in the cart or on the counter.

Capture mobile barcodes 
Associates can use handheld or hands-free mode to capture mobile payments, coupons and loyalty cards to complete a transaction.

Capture EAS tags
Optional EAS support allows associates to deactivate Checkpoint EAS tags while scanning the barcode.
Read/write UHF RFID tags
The DS9900 Series with RFID can read RFID tags at the Point of Sale, as well as write data to RFID tags to commission tags on new inventory items and returned goods; associates can read multiple RFID-tagged items in one motion, without line of sight.
Capture driver’s license data*
With optional driver’s license parsing, the DS9900 Series can capture and parse data on driver’s licenses to verify age or auto-populate credit card applications, loyalty program applications or customer return forms. * Available in North America only
Superior performance
handheld and hands-free With the DS9900 Series, associates can rapidly pass small items in front of the DS9900 Series’ wide field of view or pick up the scanner to reach bulky items on the counter or cart. With an 800 MHz microprocessor, a high-resolution megapixel sensor and Zebra’s exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging, the DS9900 Series delivers industry-best performance on challenging barcodes — such as dirty, damaged, highly truncated and poorly printed barcodes. A sturdy, one-piece design with a small footprint. The right ergonomics,and a scan range that automatically adjusts as needed.
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