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SE4750 OEM Array Imager Scan Engine  

SE4750 OEM Array Imager Scan Engine

The Zebra SE4750 resets the bar for imagers, providing unparalleled performance on just about any type of data — including 1-D and 2-D barcodes to photos and letter, legal, A4 and A5 documents. PRZM intelligent imaging scanner technology enables lightning fast and accurate data capture. Support for MIPI allows you to utilize the latest processors in your designs, without requiring additional parts, additional integration time and device space. And the extraordinary working range is over 30 percent farther than its predecessors. The result? Highly advanced data capture capabilities. Faster time to market. Reduced costs. And greater application flexibility


Features & Benefits

PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology
Offloads a portion of the processing from the decode software to the scan engine, reducing processing time and enabling faster data capture.

Support for MIPI and parallel interfaces
Reduces integration time and cost by eliminating components.

Comprehensive data capture capabilities
Capture 1-D and 2-D barcodes in milliseconds, from high-resolution photos, to letter, legal, A4 and A5 documents that are fully searchable and editable.

Extraordinary working range
Capture data farther than 36 in./92 cm away.

Extra wide field of view
Easy close-up reading of large barcodes as well as multiple barcodes.

Exceptional motion tolerance
Delivers extraordinary scanning speed on all barcodes, increasing throughput and productivity in virtually any application.

Superior document processing
With the press of the shutter button, Zebra’s Intelligent Document Capture software ensures the capture of the highest quality electronic documents; automatically identifies and corrects image quality issues; creates the smallest possible file size without impacting legibility; and attaches the image to the appropriate record.

Miniature, lightweight form factor
Adds minimal weight and maximum data capture functionality; tiny size fits easily in the most space constrained designs.

Omnidirectional scanning for unparalleled ease of use
No need to ever align the barcode and imager for highly intuitive and rapid barcode capture.

Multiple decode options with the same great Zebra scanning performance
Increase design flexibility with your choice of software only or hardware decode — available on a separate circuit board, a microchip or an all-in- one plug-and-play solution with SE4750 and attached decoder board.

Pick list mode
Enables users to easily select a single barcode to capture on a field of barcodes.


Detailed Specs

Performance characteristics

Ambient light
Max 96, 900 lux (direct sunlight)

Light source
Laser @ 650nm, Laser @ 670nm

Sensor resolution
1280 x 960 pixels

Decode capability

Scan pattern

Illumination element (LEDs)
2X Warm white LEDs

Aiming LED
655nm Laser

Host interfaces
USB, Serial

1-D, 1-D/2-D, 1-D/PDF417, undecoded only, decoded only, undecoded and decoded



Physical characteristics

0.46 in. H x 0.85 in. W x 0.64 in. D 11.8 mm H x 21.5 mm W x 16.3 mm D


Full Size

0.29 oz./8.22 grams


Regulatory specifications

EN 301 489-1, EN 301 489-17, IEC 60601-1-2, Japan VCCI Class B, ICES 003 Class B, FCC Part 15 Class B, EN 61000-3-2, EN 55024, EN 61000-3-3, EN 301 489-19, EN 55022, Canada RSS-210, CISPR Class B

Laser safety
EN 60825-1, IEC 60825-1, 21CFR1040.10


Electrical safety
UL 60950-1, C22.2 No. 60950-1, EN 60950-1, IEC 60950-1, EN/IEC 60950-1, UL, VDE and CU recognised component


User environment

Power supply voltage
Operational input voltage Engine: VCC= 3.3 +/-0.3V; VCC_ ILL UM= 3.0 to 5.5V; VDD_IO_HOST= 1.7 to 3.6V Total Current Draw (VCC=VCC_ILL UM=VDD_IO_HOST=3.3V) with Illumination and aiming on, = 580mA pk, 440maRMS Current draw in low power (hibernate mode) =360uA (standby mode) =15uA

Storage temperature
-40° F to 158° F/-40° C to 70° C

Operating/Storage: 95% RH, non-condensing at 60° C

Operating temperature
-22° F to 140° F/ -30° C to 60° C



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