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High cost performance 2D Cordless Bluetooth 250M Barcode Scanner

Excellent design


Frosted texture, fashionable and generous appearance accords with ergonomic design,.It can fall in 1.5 meters for many times without breaking; The clear beeping makes it have better performance in all kinds of noisy occasions. The battery capacity is 2500mAh, which can be used for USB charging or contact charging. The battery has strong endurance, and it can be scanned once per second after being fully charged



Plug and play


USB and OTA connection mode, no need to install the driver, plug and play, can connect the base, IOS,Android, tablet, etc., strong compatibility, convenient and fast



Excellent scanning performance


250 m long communication distance allow you to work is no longer constrained by space, up to 25 / S in the movement of the tolerance, decoding the furthest distance is 170 mm, large image window type photoreceptor, precise infrared sight, it can fast and accurate scanning and reading barcode, it can fast and accurate scanning and reading bar code, self-induction load, support the backlit screen free barcode reading, comprehensive reading all mainstream 1D one-dimensional, 2D qr code, support for multiple languages barcode information direct passing.


The cost performance of st-2620 is undoubtedly very high, and it can be equipped with a foldable base, which can be opened into a bracket. At a good price, it is also equipped with bluetooth module with communication length of 250m and super sensitive scanning engine, which can perform very well in store front desk, supermarket warehouse, storage and logistics


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