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Barcode printer


PD42 Commercial Printer

Product Overview

A member of the smartest bar code printer family on the market, the Intermec PD42 is flexible and
programmable, enabling customers to optimize their printing operations, streamline deployment, and
achieve a quick return on investment. Built to meet the needs of mission-critical applications, the
rugged PD42 delivers advanced, secure connectivity and the latest network protocols, ensuring
peace-of-mind today and a reliable, scalable solution for the long haul. The versatile PD42 Commercial
Printer is part of Intermec's complete line of smart, strong and secure industrial printers.


The PD42's smart design features support increased productivity in demanding environments. As a
Smart Printer, it can host stand-alone applications, developed through the Intermec Fingerprint
programming language, which reduces errors and streamlines operational processes. Smart Printers
can eliminate the PC and control other devices directly (such as scanners, scales, applicators),
improving efficiency and decreasing infrastructure costs and complexity.

The PD42's integrated device management and diagnostic capabilities, provided through Intermec
SmartSystems™ and Wavelink Avalanche™, reduce downtime and simplify deployment. With
user-selectable, all-in-one programming languages (Fingerprint, IPL, ZSim, DSim, ESim), the
PD42 fits existing IT infrastructures, deploying with drop-in simplicity to Intermec or mixed printer
environments. Secure, industry-standard connectivity options support easy integration and fast deployment.


With its all-metal chassis and covers, proven printing mechanics and powerful electronics, the rugged
PD42 reduces downtime and minimizes maintenance costs. The PD42's graphical display allows users
to set up, configure and fine tune printing parameters without having to send commands through the host,
saving time. An open design makes media loading quick and easy, and the print head can easily be
replaced without tools. The printers are co-engineered and tested with Intermec labels and other media
products, ensuring optimized performance when used with genuine Intermec media.


Multiple interface options are available, including the highest level of secure wireless connectivity (WPA2).
The industry's only printers available with WiFi- and CCX-Certification, Intermec industrial printers help
maintain wireless network integrity and reduce configuration time. Every printer ships with Ethernet connectivity,
as well as with emerging network protocol IPv6, ensuring long-term, enterprise scalability. Other connectivity
options – standard RS232 and USB ports, optional parallel port – provide additional integration flexibility.

The standard CompactFlash™ memory slot is complemented by new USB host and device support. Handy,
inexpensive and PC-compatible, CompactFlash and USB memory technologies provide extra storage for
Fingerprint programs, layouts, graphics*, fonts and firmware upgrades.

*Fingerprint only



Strong metal construction for demanding, medium-duty applications

User friendly design with full graphic display interface

Smart Printing capabilities support stand-alone printer applications, eliminating PC expense and complexity

All-in-one, user-selectable printer languages – Fingerprint/Direct Protocol (DP), IPL, ZSim, DSim and ESim – in every printer

Secure wireless connectivity: CCX and WiFi® certified with WPA2

Integrated Ethernet, USB host and device, and serial interface standard

Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6) support

Interchangeable print head provides choice of 203 or 300 dpi print resolution



Direct thermal and thermal transfer label, ticket and

tag printers, with one-button user interface (PD41) or

full graphic user interface (PD42).

Physical Characteristics

Length: 453 mm (17.8 in)

Height: 273 mm (10.8 in)

Width: 270 mm (10.6 in)

Weight: 13 kg (28.7 lbs)

Print Specifications

Max. Width: 104 mm (4.09 in) at 203 dpi

 105.7 mm (4.16 in) at 300 dpi

Max. Length:  1520 mm (59.8 in) at 203 dpi

 1028 mm (40.5 in) at 300 dpi

Print Speed

50-150 mm/s (2-6 ips) at 203 dpi

50-100 mm/s (2-4 ips) at 300 dpi

Print Resolution

8 dots/mm (203 dpi)

11.8 dots/mm (300 dpi, option)


Type: Labels & Tags

Max Width: 118.1 mm (4.65 in)

Max Width with cutter: 114m (4.49 in)

Min Width: 25.4 mm (1 in)

Thickness: 2.3 to 9.8 mil

Configuration: Roll-fed, die-cut, continuous or fanfold

Sensing: Gap, notch, black mark, continuous

Label Roll Max Diameter: 213 mm (8.38 in)

Label Roll Core: 38-76mm (1.5-3 in)

Type: Ribbons

Roll Max Diameter: 76 mm (2.99 in) or approx. 450m

Core ID: 25.4 mm (1”)

Type: Wax, mid-range, resin



     Ethernet 10/100 Mbps

     RS-232, up to 115.2 kB/s

Supported Serial Protocols:

     Fingerprint/Direct Protocol: XON/XOFF, ENQ/ACK,


     IPL: XON/XOFF, Intermec Std. Protocol

     USB 2.0


     Parallel IEEE 1284


     IEEE 802.11 b/g

     Wi-Fi Certified, CCX (Cisco®) version 3 Certified

     WEP, WPA, WPA2, 802.11x (EAP-TTLS, LEAP,

PEAP, FAST), 802.11i

Supported Protocols: TCP/IP-suite (TCP, UDP, ICMP,


SNMPv3, SMTP.SNMP-MIB II supported (over UDP/IP),

private enterprise MIB included.

Supports IPv4 and IPv6


Printer Command Languages:


     Fingerprint/Direct Protocol

     ZSim (ZPL)

     DSim (DPL)

     ESim (EPL)

     XML enabled for SAP® AII and Oracle ® WMS

Applications / Drivers:

     InterDriver™ Windows printer driver

     Intermec label design and print package

     PrintSet for printer configuration

Development Software:

     Intermec Fingerprint Application Builder™ (IFAB)

Device Management Support:


     Wavelink Avalanche™

Bar Code Symbologies

All major 1D and 2D symbologies are supported.

Standards Supported

UPC/EAN Shipping Container; UCC/EAN 128 Serial

Shipping Container; MH10.8 Shipping Label; AIAG

(shipping parts label); OGMARS; POSTNET; HIBCC;

ISBT 128; GM1724; UPS shipping label; Global Transport



Scalable fonts including CP1252

Font cache for maximum performance

Non-Latin fonts and legacy fonts available


Supports PCX file format. (Fingerprint Only)

Other formats supported with Label Generation Tools


Standard: 8MB Flash memory 16MB SDRAM (1

Compact Flash slot and 1 USB Boot / Hub Slot)

Available: Up to1GB CompactFlash (type 1) memory,

Multi GB USB Thumb Drive Memory

Keypad Control Panel


One Print/Pause button

Four LED indicators: Power; Data Transfer; Error/

Warning; Ready-to-Work


Keypad Control Panel and LCD console

One Print/Pause button

Four LED indicators: Power; Data Transfer; Error/

Warning; Ready-to-Work

Monochrome graphical display, 160 x 160 pixels

Power Supply

Voltage Range: 100-240 VAC ±10% auto switch

Frequency Range: 45-65 Hz

Operating Environment

Temperature: +5°to 40°C (+40°to 104°F)

Humidity: 20-85% non-condensing free air

Regulatory Approvals



Internal rewinder, cutter, CompactFlash™ memory

cards, parallel interface, real-time clock


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