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Captuvo SL62 Enterprise Sled for Apple iPad mini  

Captuvo SL62 Enterprise Sled for Apple iPad mini

Honeywell’s Captuvo SL62 enterprise sled encases the popular Apple® iPad mini™, transforming it into an enterprise-ready
device for businesses that prefer the simplicity and familiarity of iOS, but need additional functionality built in like scanning
and secure payment processing.

Remote Mastermind 4.0 Software: Assists enterprises to remotely manage deployed iPad mini devices and other iOS devices,
lowering total cost of ownership.

EasyDL™: Reduces transaction time by 95% through automatically parsing the bar code data found on government-issued
identification cards for age verification
or automatic electronic form population for loyalty,membership or credit applications.
Second-to-None Scanning: Increases productivity and throughput with an integrated and easy-to-use imager that provides
aggressive scanning of linear and 2D bar codes.

Protective Housing: Keeps the iPad mini protected from abuse such as drops or bumps common to enterprise environments
without blocking the larger screen.

Optional Encryption-Ready Magnetic Stripe Reader: With third-party key injection, cardholder data is encrypted as the card is
swiped, protecting sensitive data and
retailers’ reputations, while reducing PCI scope.

Captuvo SL62 Technical Specifications


Dimensions (LxWxH)

224.5 mm x 152.7 mm x 34.25 mm (8.8" x 6.0" x 1.34")

Weight (without iPad mini/iPad mini with Retina display)

Approximately 415 grams (14.6 ounces)
System Architecture

Device Compatibility

Apple® iPad mini
Apple® iPad mini with Retina display

Input Voltage



UART between SL62 Apple® iOS device; USB/UART between SL62 & PC

I/O Ports

Custom Mini USB

Power Supply

5.2V, 3A

Two scan buttons at the back; power button (extension of iPad mini/iPad mini with Retina display button);volume button (extension of iPad mini/iPad mini with Retina display button) access to iPad mini/iPad mini with Retina display Home button


Access to iPad mini/iPad mini with Retina display 3.5-mm stereoheadphone minijack, speaker and microphone


Access to iPad-mini/iPad mini with Retina display front and back cameras


Adaptus 6.0 Imaging Technology
N5600SR-BR0-1: N5600 Standard range (SR) imager with green LED aimer

Decode Capabilities

Reads standard 1D, PDF, 2D, Postal and OCR symbologies

Magnetic Stripe Reader

Integrated 3-track bidirectional MSR reader (supports encrypted and unencrypted data output)

Swipe Speed

3 to 75 inches per second

Encryption Supported


Key Management Supported



Removable 1150mAh Lithium Ion battery

Expected Hours of Operation

8 hours (SL62 + Apple® iPad mini®/iPad mini with Retina display)

Expected Charge Time

iPad mini and Captuvo sled: 6 hours with wall adapter, 6 hours with charge base

Development Environment

Captuvo SDK for Apple® iOS 6 and iOS 7

Application Software

Available on the Apple® App Store or via 3rd party application developers


1 year factory warranty

Accessories Standard USB A to Custom Mini USB cable and 5.2V, 3A wall adapter (included)

Operating Temperature

0°C to 35°C (32°F to 95°F)

Storage Temperature

-20°C to 45°C (4°F to 113°F)


5% to 85% relative humidity, non-condensing


Designed to withstand multiple 1.2 m (4") drops to concrete, all axis under room temperature

Environmental Sealing



±8 KV Direct & ±10 KV Air



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