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Thor™ VX9  

Thor™ VX9 Vehicle-Mount Computer

Honeywell's Thor VX9 vehicle-mount computer utilizes the strongest materials to operate in even the most challenging environments. The Thor VX9 harnesses full Microsoft® Windows® computing power in a mobile environment, optimizing application and network management compatibility. It is flexible enough to run multiple advanced applications, with a Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional MUI, Windows® XP Professional MUI or Windows® Embedded Standard 2009 operating systems.

Field Proven Reliability: Minimizes downtime and maintenance cost with a magnesium case and ruggedness test specifications; dominates the Microsoft® Windows® 7/XP rugged vehicle market with proven reliability in countless rugged vehicle applications

 Maximizes productivity with Intel Core 2 Duo and Atom processors; minimizes the wait when GUI screens refresh

802.11n WLAN and 3.5G WWAN Radios:
 Enhances productivity with an extensive range of communications capabilities

Dimensions 12.2˝ x 9.8˝ x 3.5˝ (308mm x 249mm x 89mm)
Weight 8.2 lbs. (3.7 kg)
Operating Temperature -22 to +122°F ( -30 to +50°C)
Start-up Temperature -4 to +122°F ( -20 to +50°C)
Storage Temperature -4 to +122°F ( -20 to +50°C)
Environmental Sealing Independently certified to meet IP54 standards for moisture and particle resistance
Material High strength magnesium housing
Vibration According to IEC 60068-2-64, Test Fh
Shock Bump: according to IEC 60068-2-29, Test Eb

System Architecture
Processor Intel®Core 2 Duo 1.5GHz, Intel® Atom 1.6GHz
Operating System
Microsoft® Windows® 7 Pro with MUI, Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional MUI, Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Standard 2009 (WES 2009)
Memory 1GB, 2GB
System Software VMT Manager (Config. Utility), Citrix® Client, Windows®Terminal Services, Barcode Wedge
Optional Software
RFTerm®(Windows Terminal Emulations VT220, TN5250, TN3270), FreeFloat®Access*One Terminal Emulator
(VT220, TN5250, TN3270), On-screen soft keyboard
Mass Storage
80 GB 2.5˝ Hard Drive Automotive, 16 GB CF Solid State Drive, 8 GB CF Solid State Drive, 2 GB CF Solid State
Drive (WES Only)
Graphics Processor Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA 950), up to 224MB DVMT 3.0
Power Supply & UPS External power supplies for DC from 10 to 150V and AC, integrated Li-ION maintenance UPS

Indoor 12.1˝ (307mm) TFT flat panel SVGA (800x600), 450 NIT, 700:1 contrast ratio; Indoor 12.1˝ (307mm) TFT
flat panel XGA (1024x768), 500 NIT, 700:1 contrast ratio; Outdoor 12.1˝ (307mm) TFT flat panel SVGA (800x600),
1000 NIT, 600:1 contrast ratio
Touch Panel
Industrial 5-wire touch panel with resistive touch and support for finger touch and stylus, Optional touchscreen
Audio 1 Audio out (headset), 1 Mic in (microphone)
I/O Ports
2 PS/2 keyboard/mouse ports (Adapter cable required for second port), 2 Serial ports (COM1) & (COM2) COM1
supports 5V to external device, 1 USB 2.0 port, 1 Multi-purpose connector (Serial + USB), 1 RJ-45 ethernet 10/100
Storage Expansion 2 PC Card type II slots
Warranty 1 year factory warranty
Service Plans Optional one-, three- and five-year service programs offer worry-free mobile computing

Wireless Connectivity
GSM/GPRS Edge, HSDPA/UMTS/WCDMA, Multiband 850/900/1800/1900/2100 MHz, Remote GSM/GPRS
antenna included
WLAN 802.11 a/b/g, 802.11 a/b/g/n
WLAN Security
Authentication: Support for a full range of 802.1X (EAP) types, including EAP-TLS, PEAP-MSCHAPv2, PEAP-GTC, LEAP, and EAP-FAST; Encryption: Support for Static, pre-shared, and dynamic encryption keys, 40-bit and
128-bit keys, 8 to 63 ASCII and 64 hexadecimal character passphrases, WEP, WPA (TKIP), and WPA2 (AES)
encryption methods. The 802.11 a/b/g/n radio also supports CCKM encryption.
WLAN Antennas Dual diversity integral external antennas, Remote mount antenna kits available
WPAN Bluetooth®2.0+EDR
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