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Barcode scanner

The 3800i handheld industrial image readers are the first industrial class readers to bring you Honeywells industry-leading image technology. This technology allows you read bar codes at ranges up to 82 inches 208 cm). Based on the proprietary image technology, the 3800i picks up your bar code image and processes its content 270 tunes per second. In a fraction of a second, the Honeywell digital image processor quickly and easily determines the data content and sends it to your host computer. This proprietary technology quickly and securely identifies poor quality symbols, and still delivers snappy performance.

The 3800i is environmentally sealed to an IP54 rating, which prevents dust and water from entering the units and degrading performance. This imager withstands applications that subjest it to constant -22 (-30)temperatures and still survives.
Illumination: 630 nM Visible Red LED
Receiving Device: 3648 element linear imager
Reading Width: 15 mil.code, 15 in. (38.1cm) from nose, 10 in,(25.4 cm) wide
Resolution: 7.5 mil.at 9 in. (22.9cm) distance
Skew Angle: ±65°
Pitch Angle: ±65°
Horizontal Velocity: 2 in. (5.1cm) per second
Minimum Symbol Contrast: 20
Scan Rate: Up to 270 scans per second
Decode Rate: 270 decodes per second
Length: 5.3in.(13.5cm) 5.3in.(13.5cm)
Height: 6.4in.(16.3cm) 6.5in.(16.5cm)
Width: 3.2in.(8.1cn) 3.2in.(8.1cm)
Housing: UL940grade
Power Requirements: 405-14Vdc at scanner
Current Draw(maximum): Input Scanning Idle
5V 235mA 68mA
12V 142mA 49mA
Noise Rejection: Maximum 100mA peak to peak, 10 to 100kHZ
Operation Temperature: -22 to122(-3050)
Storage Temperature: -40 to140(-4060)
Humidity: 0 to 95, non-condensing
Sealing: IP54(water and dust resistant)
Mechanical Shock: Operational after 50 drops from 6.5 ft. (2m) to concrete
Ambient Illumination: 0-70,000 lux
ESD protection: Functional after 15kV discharge
LED Classification: Class 1 under EN60852-01
Laser Classification Class 2 under 21 CFR 1040.11
Aimer Beam only: 1mW max output, 650nM, EN60825-1: 1994+A1+A2
Vibration: Withstands 5G peak from 22 to 300 HZ
MTBF: Per MIL-HDBK-217F Ground Benign exceed100.000 hours without aimer,91,000 hours with aimer
Interface: All popular PCs and terminals via keyboard wedge, keyboard replacement/direct connect, TTL level RS- 232,TTL level Serial Wedge, USB, wnd emulation, HHLC non-decoded laser compatible, True RS- 232, IBM 468x, and IBM469x
Warranty: One year warranty
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