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IS4800 Series Miniature Laser Scan Engines  
IS4800 Series
Miniature Laser Scan Engines

Honeywell’s  IS4800  series  of  miniature  laser  scan  engines  provide an  aggressive  1D  scanning  solution
with  built-in  flexibility,  ensuring easy integration.

The  undecoded  IS4813  (3.3V)  and  IS4815  (5V)  are  compact, lightweight and have low power requirements.
These engines output digitized bar-space data in an industry standard 10-pin termination. A software development
kit (SDK) which includes a licensed decoding library is available. The SDK eliminates the need to spend significant
resources  developing  a  custom  decoder.  With  one  of  the  smallest footprints  available,  IS4800  series 
engines  are  an  ideal  choice  for incorporating  an  effective  linear  scanning  solution  in  small  mobile devices,
such as portable data assistants and portable data terminals.

A decode board adds hardware-enabled decoding optimized for IS4800 series engines. The IS4823 (3.3V) and IS4825
(5V) include a decode board  with  a TTL  or  USB  interface.  An  assembled  module,  which contains an engine
and a decode board mounted on a bracket, is also available. Sophisticated decoding algorithms are built into the
decode board, enabling rapid scanning of all standard 1D, GS1 DataBar™ and even damaged bar codes.

IS4800 series engines offer one of the widest sweep angles available on laser scan engines, making it easy to read
wide bar codes up close. Designed to deliver solid scan performance and easy integration backed by  industry
-leading  support,  IS4800  series  engines  deliver  superior value  for  system  integrators  seeking  to  incorporate 
a 1D  scanning solution in mobile terminals, hand-held scanners, ATM/kiosks, medical instruments, and other devices.

•    100 Scan Lines Per Second:
Delivers aggressive scan performance in a miniature form factor
•    Advanced Decoding Capability: Increases productivity by quickly scanning all standard 1D, GS1 DataBar
and even damaged bar codes
•    Die-Cast Metal Housing: Protects investment by offering increased durability
•    3.3V or 5V Models with TTL or USB Interfaces: Reduces integration cost with built-in flexibility
•    Wide Sweep Angle: Allows wide bar codes to be scanned up close in fixed-mount applications
•    Pinout and Mounting Options Compatible with Honeywell Imaging Engines: Minimizes integration costs
by providing a choice of laser- or image-based scanning solutions

IS4800 Series Technical Specifications

Decode Board:
Assembled Module:
 24.5 mm × 14.5 mm × 11.0 mm
(0.96 ̋ × 0.57 ̋ × 0.44 ̋)
 24.7 mm × 11.8 mm × 6.8 mm
(0.97 ̋ × 0.46 ̋ × 0.27 ̋)
 38.4 mm × 26.7 mm × 18.8 mm
(1.51 ̋ × 1.05 ̋ × 0.74 ̋)
10-Pin ZIF connector 12-Pin ZIF connector 12-Pin ZIF connector
2 mounting holes, M1.6 × 0.35 threaded, 2 mm max depth
3 metal inserts, M2 × 0.4 threaded

Input Voltage
IS4813/IS4823:3.3 ± 0.3 VDC
IS4815/IS4825:5.0 ±5%VDC
Operating Power
IS4813: <120 mA: IS4815: <70mA
IS4823: <150 mA,TTL and<170mA USB
IS4823: <135 mA,TTL and<135mA USB
Standby Power
IS4813: <30 mA
Operating Temperature
0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Storage Temperature
-40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
5% - 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Light Source
 Visible Laser Diode 650 nm
Host System Interfaces Engine: Industry standard
 Decode board: TTL RS232 or USB
7G over 10-500 Hz
2000 G for a duration of 0.85 msec

Scan Performance

Scan Speed
100 scan lines/secon
Scan Pattern
Single line
Scan Angle
54° typical
Print Contrast
35% minimum reflectance difference
Maximum Resolution
4 mil (0.102 mm), decoder dependent
Decode Capability
All standard 1D including GS1 Databar
(decoder dependent for IS4813 and IS4815)
Tilt, Pitch, Skew ± 42°, ± 68°, ± 52°
Warranty 2 year factory warranty

IS4800 Typical Performance*
Narrow Width
Depth of Field
5.2 mil
70 mm- 95 mm(2.8 ̋ - 3.8 ̋)
7.5 mil
57 mm-171 mm(2.3 ̋ - 6.8 ̋)
10.4 mil
50 mm- 210 mm(2.0 ̋ - 8.3 ̋)
13 mil
50 mm- 254 mm(2.0 ̋ - 10.0 ̋)
19.5 mil
75 mm-300 mm (3.0"-11.8")
*Resolution:4 mil (0.102 mm)
*Performance may be impacted by bar code
quality and environmental conditions
*Performance of the IS4813 and IS4815 is
decoder dependent

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