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Store Operations
The better the shopping experience, the more your customers will shop and spend in your stores. Mobile systems now enable you to provide differentiated service that will secure loyal customers and drive more frequent visits and a larger basket size.

Using Intermec mobile handheld computers and partner applications, sales associates and store managers will have the tools and information that they need, on the store floor, to provide the highest level of service to your customers. Our systems allow them to quickly look up detailed product information and feature-by-feature product comparisons, locate inventory in other stores or the distribution centers, and finalize customer orders on the store floor. By adding portable Bluetooth-enabled printers, mobile point-of-sale (POS) and line/queue busting solutions can be used to addresspeaks in traffic and speed up the checkout process, eliminating long lines at the POS.

Reliable voice communications are critical to retail operations. Intermec's mobile computers with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allow voice conversations over the wireless network without the need for an additional walkie-talkie or phone. Whether stocking shelves in the backroom or helping a customer on the retail floor, VoIP improves service and response times. And VoIP allows workers to talk to anyone on the network, whether they’re in the same store, in another store across town, at the distribution center, or even outside your operations.

With high employee turnover, poor knowledge on products and procedures by your selling floor employees is a real concern and can negatively affect your bottom line. Intermec wireless handheld computers can provide answers for employees' questions and training on demand. Product training modules can be accessed on handheld computers during slow sales times, so employees can learn without leaving the sales floor.

Intermec products are used in a wide range of Store Operations applications, including:


  • Guided Selling
  • Computer Assisted Ordering
  • Employee Training
  • Walkie-talkie / Voice / VoIP / Push to Talk
  • Task Execution
  • Managers Workstation (Task Management)
  • Mobile POS with PCI Compliance
  • Line / Queue Busting
  • Receiving
  • Returns
  • Stock Management
  • Competitive Shopper
  • Consumer Shopper
  • Gift Registry
  • Inventory Management
  • Price Management
  • Markdowns
  • Order Picking and Staging
  • Putaway
  • Replenishment
  • Security Monitoring – Video
  • Store Transfers
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